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Dissatisfied with an inspection report?

The system of inspections according to AB 04 and ABT 06 plays a central role in construction. The main purpose of all inspections is to determine whether the total works or part of it has been completed in accordance with the contract. An inspection report is of great importance as evidence of the condition of the total works and is often the basis for negotiations between the parties on the existence of defects. It is therefore important that a party who is not satisfied with an inspection report has the opportunity to have it reconsidered.

Commercial Law, Construction, Real estate2022.03.25

Pre-inspection – why isn’t it used more often?

Pre-inspection has many benefits. The contractor and construction client can gain clarity regarding whether the chosen execution is contractually compliant, who bears liability if the construction client wants to use part of the construction project before it is completed and, not least, whether it it possible to rectify defects before they are built in.

Commercial Law, Construction2022.03.21

How are Swedish contractors affected by the war in Ukraine?

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, contractors involved in ongoing projects may be able, where appropriate, to request an extension of time for the contract period as well as modification of the agreed price for the works in order to take into account changes in costs. Both the construction client and the contractor need to inform themselves of how the war might affect ongoing and future construction projects to which AB 04 and ABT 06 apply.