Commercial Law, Construction, Real estate2022.03.25

Pre-inspection – why isn’t it used more often?

Pre-inspection has many benefits. The contractor and construction client can gain clarity regarding whether the chosen execution is contractually compliant, who bears liability if the construction client wants to use part of the construction project before it is completed and, not least, whether it it possible to rectify defects before they are built in.

Commercial Law, Construction2022.03.21

How are Swedish contractors affected by the war in Ukraine?

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, contractors involved in ongoing projects may be able, where appropriate, to request an extension of time for the contract period as well as modification of the agreed price for the works in order to take into account changes in costs. Both the construction client and the contractor need to inform themselves of how the war might affect ongoing and future construction projects to which AB 04 and ABT 06 apply.

Construction, Publications2021.09.13

Foyen updates on construction law in Getting the Deal Through Construction 2022

We at Foyen are proud to represent Sweden with our latest contributions regarding the construction law in Construction 2022.

Construction, Mining2020.12.03

Foyen assists Gold Line Resources Ltd in reverse takeover

Construction, Planning and building law2020.05.13

Foyen authors new book on Construction Partnering

Construction, Planning and building law2019.11.21

Foyen assists JSB with a 10-year framework agreement with Rikshem

Commercial Law, Construction, Planning and building law, Real estate2019.01.15

Foyen has successfully represented contractor in termination case

Commercial Law, Construction, Dispute resolution, Real estate2019.01.08

Foyen successfully represents client before the Court of Appeal

Commercial Law, Construction, Dispute resolution, Energy and Innovation, IT, Land and Environment, Mining, Planning and building law, Public sector, Real estate2018.12.06

Foyen donates its Christmas present to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

At Foyen we have decided, this year as well, to give our Christmas present to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation which raises money to prevent and fight cancer in children. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is the single largest financer of childhood cancer research in Sweden and also provides financial support to the development of new methods of treatment and continuing education in the area of childhood cancer.

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