Wind power

Wind power is both a clean and a controversial energy source, where most disputes are over land and other permit issues. We have excellent insight in these issues because we have worked extensively in this sector for many years –on top of which, we have recruited several of our colleagues from the energy industry. Together, this means that we are in a position to provide you with legal support in a business background in essentially all areas of the wind power segment.

So, what do you need help with? Construction or delivery contracts, financing or establishing a company? Are you unsure about land access rights, permit refusals or acceptance? Is it perhaps time for a generational shift? Regardless of which direction your thoughts are heading, it could be worth your while to meet us and discuss things. That is at least our experience of what our clients have said down the years. Give us a call.

Examples of client assignments

From sounding board to legal proceedings

Foyen provides a wind power company with environmental and real estate advice for various wind power projects, where issues related to electrical connection and rights of way are common. We also help this company with litigation and function as a sounding board in small and large-scale questions. Wind power projects fall under many environmental regulatory areas, and often affect local council planning and contracts of various types.

Meet our Wind power team

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  • Johan Bogren

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