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At Foyen, we have extensive experience of the energy sector and over the years, we have worked in all the main areas, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, gas and biogas, and CHP – with various fuel sources. Many of our lawyers have also worked in-house in the energy sector in the past. This gives us a virtually unparalleled breadth, which also means that we undertake the vast majority of assignments with great insight. And it’s this insight, combined with our experience in this field and legal expertise, which forms the basis for our commercial recommendations. That is what we think, anyway. What do you think?

So, what sort of recommendation are you after? Do you need a one-off effort in a targeted area, or perhaps a more strategic role over an extended period for a larger project? Today, we operate in both these capacities for several clients with, amongst other things, land and detailed planning, supply contracts, expropriation cases and request and regulatory issues. A large number of assignments centre on the difficult balance between nature, culture and energy needs. We’re convinced that we can help you in any case. Get in touch with us and you will see for yourself.

Examples of client assignments

Gas infrastructure in the Nordic region – developments in LNG

Foyen represent one of Sweden’s largest gas infrastructure companies in two cases of significant interest to the energy sector. The first case concerns the securing of an environmental permit for Sweden’s first open access LNG-terminal (liquified natural gas) in the Port of Gothenburg, with the second case regarding the effectivization of the bunkering process at the LNG-terminal. The two cases are intrinsically linked – learn more about the individual cases below.

Environmental permit awarded for Sweden’s first LNG-terminal

The demand for natural gas, specifically LNG (liquified natural gas), currently the cleanest maritime fuel available, has risen dramatically as many industries look for environmentally friendly alternatives. This increase in demand for accessible environmentally friendly alternatives has made the newly built LNG-terminal in the Port of Gothenburg a key facility in the Nordic region.

Foyen represented the client at the first environmental hearing in 2014 when an environmental permit was granted and have since assisted the client in its application for a renewed environmental permit under the Natural Gas Act.

Cost effective solution to quayside bunkering

Foyen also represented the client regarding the bunkering of LNG (liquified natural gas) at the recently opened LNG-terminal in the Port of Gothenburg. The project concerns the effectivization of the bunkering process for vessels using the LNG-terminal, the primary aim of the project being to find an effective solution to allow vessels to bunker LNG quayside whilst loading/unloading cargo.

During 2018 Foyen assisted the client in an application for an amended permit under the Environmental Code to enable vessels to bunker fuel from more quays than allowed in the original permit. The application for the amended permit was approved in the autumn of 2018, whilst building permits for the site and a permit regarding the handling of flammable material were granted in the spring of 2018.

Foyen – Advising the energy sector for over 15 years

Foyen have put together an industry specific team consisting of legal experts who can offer a virtually unrivaled combination of experience and legal expertise within the Energy sector. A prime example of this being the ongoing advice we provide regarding energy and environmental issues to one of western Sweden’s largest energy providers. Foyen have specifically assisted the client with its internal routines for the follow-up of environmental issues and continue to provide ongoing advice regarding issues surrounding the Planning and Building Act.

How we take a holistic approach

It is about being able to support all aspects of the business, from environmental and expropriation issues to questions related to land and real estate. That is why we have put together a specific industry team, with legal experts who together can offer a virtually unrivalled combination of experience and legal expertise in the energy sector.

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