Building permits, planning issues and real estate investment

There are few sectors at the moment undergoing as many legal changes as those around planning permission, planning issues and real estate investment. That is why we recommend that people seek support and take advice in good time to pre-empt possible problems and disputes in a project. That is what our extensive experience of these issues, together with Foyen’s strong position in construction law has taught us. Another important experience that we would be only to happy to share, is how, over the years, we have contributed to “both” sides in this field, which gives us a complete picture of the sector, which in turn enables us to provide the best possible advice.

So, which side do you belong to, and what sort of recommendation are you after? Today, for example, we work with local councils and their real estate companies, as well as energy companies and private real estate companies. Examples of typical assignments are rights of way and questions related to expropriation, retrieval, community facilities and development agreements. We are also very familiar with managing small and large projects from start to finish, together with company managers, development engineers, real estate managers, in-house counsel, as well as development managers from all over Sweden. So do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of client assignments

Seaport commercial property assignment

Foyen advised a company in a complex commercial property project in a major seaport. The assignment involved putting a new zoning plan in place, to guarantee existing rights and user agreements, as well as negotiate appropriate leases and finally, synchronise all this with the demolition permits/ demolition of existing structures. We helped with reviewing zoning documents and negotiating, as well as investigating different responsibilities and liaising with authorities.

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