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Foyen recruits HR manager from Landshypotek Bank

Foyen Advokatfirma has recruited Landshypotek Bank’s former HR manager Annelie von Dahn as its new HR manager. Annelie will be responsible for developing Foyen’s operations through its human capital and will serve in the firm’s management group.

Published: 16. April 2019
Commercial Law, IT, Land and Environment, Public sector, Real estate

Annelie comes most recently from Landshypotek Bank where, for the past eight years, she served as the HR manager with overall responsibility for HR. In her role as HR manager, Annelie also had personnel and budget responsibility for four employees and served in the bank’s management group.

– Foyen is in an exciting growth phase where the organization, culture, recruiting of new employees, and development of existing employees is crucial. I look forward to using my experience to contribute to the development of Foyen into an even more modern and interesting workplace, says Annelie von Dahn.

Annelie has many years of experience in working with personnel-related questions. Before her role as HR manager at Landshypotek Bank, she worked as the HR manager at HQ Bank and before that at Accenture and ICA Ekonomibyrå.

– Annelie has extensive and thorough experience in HR with many years of experience in management support and leadership development. Since Foyen has been growing rapidly over the past years, we need an experienced person who can take an overall approach and further develop our operations into an even more attractive and modern workplace. The recruiting of Annelie is one element in our efforts to become Sweden’s leading commercial law firm in projects and technology related law, according to Foyen’s CEO Linnéa Djursén.

Annelie took up her position at Foyen on 1 April.

For more information contact:

Linnéa Djursén, CEO Foyen +46 73 322 84 22, linnea.djursen@foyen.se

Annelie von Dahn, HR Manager Foyen +46 73 339 55 77, annelie.von.dahn@foyen.se

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