Our business sectors

Dividing our business sectors into broader segments shows where our primary focus lies. Naturally however, many of these segments overlap with other areas where we also provide support. Contact us to arrange an unconditional meeting.


Extensive insight into the building process, as well as the construction sector itself, are key factors in this segment. Experience of the sector, as well as understanding the various perspectives of clients, consultants and contractors, are our basic criteria for a professional service.

Dispute resolution »
Contract drafting and contract negotiations »
Health & Safety »

Real estate

We have the overview and proximity that are business-critical in the real estate sector, where legal requirements and environmental factors have created a climate of constant change.

Real estate, transfers, leasing »
Building permits, planning issues and real estate investment  »

Industry, mining and forestry

Heavy industry, forestry and iron ore represent three primary sectors of the economy where experience, insight and business acumen are critical to provide a professional business law service.

Mining »
Industry »
Forestry »

Energy, land and environment

There are several intriguing contradictions in these sectors: waste and recycling can for example be mutually dependent.

The energy sector »
Environmental technologies  »
Wind power »
Building permits, planning issues and real estate investment  »


The fast-moving IT sector offers fantastic opportunities, with new inventions that are constantly improving the offering within everything ranging from entertainment to public service. We possess solid experience within the area and help you navigate correctly among licences and agreements.

IT »
Integrity »
Intellectual property »
High tech/Innovation »

Public sector

There is something rather special about working with the public sector, because the result benefits everyone. Basic criteria: experience, insight and legal expertise.

Public sector »
Procurement »

Commercial law

Commercial law is extremely inter-professional. That is why we put our best resources at your disposal, with broad segment experience as well as a thorough understanding of your specific situation.

General commercial law »
Commercial litigation »
Insolvency »


Here you will find details of all Foyen staff members in Sweden, including their contact details and brief information about them. You can search for first or family names, offices or business sectors.

  • Johan Bengtsson

    Senior Associate

    +46 8 506 184 10

    +46 732 409 801

    See profile

  • Natalia Burudzhieva


    +46 8-506 184 58

    +46 721-83 25 79

    See profile

  • Caterina Carreman

    Senior Associate

    +46 31-763 21 61

    +46 737-19 51 18

    See profile

  • Lisa Ceder

    Marketing Coordinator

    Parental leave

    +46 8 506 184 00

    See profile

  • Esmeralda Eberhardson


    +46 40-661 56 50

    See profile

  • Tomas Fjordevik

    Senior Associate

    +46 8-506 184 17

    +46 721-86 42 73

    See profile

  • Ingeborg Forkman

    Junior Assistent

    + 46 40-661 56 57

    See profile

  • Hanna Fröjdlund

    Office Assistant

    +46 31-763 21 62

    +46 723-73 16 24

    See profile

  • Hélène Girard

    Office Assistant

    +46 40-661 56 46

    +46 721-65 93 05

    See profile

  • Emma Gustafsson

    Senior Associate

    Maternity Leave

    + 46 40 661 56 50

    See profile

  • Johanna Hellström

    Senior Associate

    +46 31-763 21 69

    +46 723-73 16 03

    See profile

  • Annica Hentze

    Head of Communication

    +46 8-506 184 00

    +46 723-73 16 27

    See profile

  • Louise Heyman Litsegård

    Office Assistant

    +46 31-763 21 56

    +46 73-719 51 42

    See profile

  • Isabel Johansson

    Office Assistant

    +46 8-506 18 491

    +46 72-373 16 21

    See profile

  • Madeleine Jönsson

    Senior Associate

    + 46 8-506 184 88

    + 46 723-73 16 15

    See profile

  • Karin Lagerstedt

    Accounting Manager

    +46 8-506 184 00

    See profile

  • Hedvig Cassne Lagrell

    Senior Associate

    +46 8-506 184 15

    + 46 737-19 51 15

    See profile

  • Annette Lassinger

    Marketing Coordinator

    +46 8-506 184 24

    +46 721-65 93 19

    See profile

  • Linnea Lindberg

    Senior Associate

    Parental Leave

    +46 40 661 56 50

    See profile

  • Lars Lindebratt

    Senior Associate

    +46 40-661 56 42

    +46 737-19 51 32

    See profile

  • Anders Lindström

    Senior Associate

    + 46 40-661 56 45

    + 46 737-19 51 34

    See profile

  • Andreas Lundqvist

    Senior Associate

    +46 8 506 184 84

    +46 723 73 16 07

    See profile

  • Kamilla Manninen

    Accounting Assistant

    +46 8-506 184 52

    +46 721-65 93 01

    See profile

  • Yasmine Shoaie-nia

    Senior Associate

    +46 8 506 184 65

    +46 723 73 16 35

    See profile

  • Anders Utterström

    Acting CFO

    +46 733-97 24 72

    See profile

About Foyen

About Foyen

We are a law firm that ever since we started in 1987 has carved out three principles that define how we work: segment focus, an understanding of business and outstanding expertise within relevant areas of the law.

And it has gone well. Today, we are present in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Falun with a total of over 90 employees in Sweden. We have a sister agency in Norway with approximately 80 employees in Oslo. Consequently, we can deliver our business-centric legal solutions in these respective markets, but also support assignments that involve both countries. Read more about our partner in Norway at foyentorkildsen.no.

Strong segment focus

Our primary areas of expertise are construction and real estate, technology-intensive industries, mining and forestry, public sector, energy, the environment and inter-disciplinary business law.

And to ensure that we keep our promises in the respective areas, we have assembled specialists in industry-specific teams. In these teams, we systematically build knowledge and insight, partly through on-the-job experience, and partly through continuous training – both internal and external.

Outstanding legal excellence

Below you will find a list of the areas of the law that form the primary basis of our activities in our business sectors:

– General commercial law
– Corporate / Company law
– Employment law
– Construction and engineering
– Real estate law
– Mergers and acquisitions
– Tenancy
– Intellectual property
– IT and telecom
– Environmental law
– Insolvency
– Public procurement
– Litigation and arbitration

Foyen top ranked

Foyen is ranked No 1 in Sweden within Energy and No 2 within Construction by the international directory Legal 500 in their latest evaluation of Swedish business law firms. In addition to the “Top Tier Firm” rankings, we are also highly ranked within environment and public procurement and recommended within IT and telecommunications, real estate, commercial, corporate and M&A.

Read more about Foyen in Legal 500 here >>


The Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Disputes Panel

We would like to inform you about the Consumer Disputes Panel which is run by the Swedish Bar Association. You can contact the panel if you are unsatisfied with legal services provided by a lawyer or law firm. It costs SEK 100 to register a complaint, and a review takes around 90 days. Lawyers and firms are obliged to following the panel’s rulings.

You can visit the panel at: advokatsamfundet.se/konsumenttvistnamnden, where you’ll find information about how to make a complaint, and details about the review process.

Additional contact details:

Consumer Disputes Panel
Box 2732
102 54 Stockholm

News and media

Welcome to the “News and media” section of our website, where you can access our latest news, view materials that we publish and get in touch with our media contact. Enjoy!


Foyen assists Kalpataru Power Transmission in its acquisition of Linjemontage
21 May, 2019

Foyen has assisted Kalpataru Power Transmission Sweden AB (KPTS) in its acquisition of 85 % of the shares in Linjemontage i Grästorp AB …

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Foyen recruits HR manager from Landshypotek Bank
16 April, 2019

Annelie comes most recently from Landshypotek Bank where, for the past eight years, she served as the HR manager with overall responsibility for …

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Foyen ranked at the top of Construction and Energy by Legal 500
15 April, 2019

For the third year in a row, Foyen ranked as number one in Energy and number two in Construction Law. Chairman of the …

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Foyen in Getting the Deal Through Mining 2018
23 August, 2018

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Foyen authors updates on construction law and project financing
16 January, 2018

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Foyen in Getting the Deal Through Mining 2017
19 October, 2017

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Here you will find contact details for our various offices, including our office in Norway, and key people in Foyen. If you are looking for a specific person, click on ”People” and you’ll go to the search function on our partner site. We look forward to hearing from you.