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Foyen launches Foytech for AI technology in Nordic law

Since the beginning of the year, Foyen has been working on internal development of an AI tool for Swedish lawyers. The development has been carried out as a partner-led project with support from AI-specialized programmers and ongoing testing by various legal specialists within Foyen.

Published: 26. June 2024

In recent months, this tool has reached sufficient quality to be used as a regular feature in daily production. Foyen’s AI tool has become increasingly popular for internal use as its quality has improved. It is now used daily by all staff categories for tasks such as automated legal research and drafting initial versions of various work products, with hundreds of uses per day. Foyen considers the tool to already be the most precise of all available tools for Swedish law.

To further increase the pace of development and enable other actors to work with this tool, Foyen has now spun off the development into the new company Foytech. Discussions have begun with selected law firms about collaborations.

Foyen’s development of the AI tool has been led by Richard Sahlberg, who will also lead the continued development within Foytech. Richard Sahlberg is the CEO of Foytech and a board member alongside Andreas Lindström, Henrik Ståhlberg, Jonas Conradsson, and Madeleine Jönsson.

Contact Richard Sahlberg for questions about Foytech or demonstrations of the developed AI tool.

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