Foyen in Getting the Deal Through Mining 2018

Published:23 August, 2018

Getting the Deal Through is a publication covering 75 business areas and containing information and analysis related to more than 150 jurisdictions. Many of the world’s leading lawyers and law firms have cooperated on Getting the Deal Through with the aim of compiling a unique information resource. The various sections in the publications have been authored by experts within the relevant subject area and jurisdiction.

We assist our clients with a number of mining related issues such as land access and permit handling. We also have extensive experience in joint ventures, project finance, acquisitions, contracting and procurement.

Foyen is the proud co-author of the global legal guide to mining, Getting the Deal Through – Mining 2018. The guide provides a quick overview of mining legislation in 28 countries.

Foyen also contributes to the section Getting the Deal Through Construction 2018 and Project Finance 2018 >>



Getting the Deal Through – Mining 2018

Offers a concise overview of legislation governing the mining industry in 28 countries. The section on the Swedish mining industry has been written by partners Pia Pehrson and Peter Dyer.

Accreditation: Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Mining 2018 (Published: July 2018). For further information please visit