Our business sectors

Dividing our business sectors into broader segments shows where our primary focus lies. Naturally however, many of these segments overlap with other areas where we also provide support. Contact us to arrange an unconditional meeting.


Extensive insight into the building process, as well as the construction sector itself, are key factors in this segment. Experience of the sector, as well as understanding the various perspectives of clients, consultants and contractors, are our basic criteria for a professional service.

Dispute resolution »
Contract drafting and contract negotiations »
Health & Safety »

Real estate

We have the overview and proximity that are business-critical in the real estate sector, where legal requirements and environmental factors have created a climate of constant change.

Real estate, transfers, leasing »
Building permits, planning issues and real estate investment  »

Industry, mining and forestry

Heavy industry, forestry and iron ore represent three primary sectors of the economy where experience, insight and business acumen are critical to provide a professional business law service.

Mining »
Industry »
Forestry »

Energy, land and environment

There are several intriguing contradictions in these sectors: waste and recycling can for example be mutually dependent.

The energy sector »
Environmental technologies  »
Wind power »
Building permits, planning issues and real estate investment  »


The fast-moving IT sector offers fantastic opportunities, with new inventions that are constantly improving the offering within everything ranging from entertainment to public service. We possess solid experience within the area and help you navigate correctly among licences and agreements.

IT »
Integrity »
Intellectual property »
High tech/Innovation »

Public sector

There is something rather special about working with the public sector, because the result benefits everyone. Basic criteria: experience, insight and legal expertise.

Public sector »
Procurement »

Commercial law

Commercial law is extremely inter-professional. That is why we put our best resources at your disposal, with broad segment experience as well as a thorough understanding of your specific situation.

General commercial law »
Commercial litigation »
Insolvency »